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To contact one of our teachers make contact through the press office of Communications and Development of FEAUSP.contactPhone: (11) 3091-5813, or with Cacilda Luna Milena NevesEmail: imprensafea@usp.br
Lecture at FEA-5, part of the 12th CONTECSI
by Leticia PaivaBetween 20 and May 22, happened in FEAUSP the 12th International Conference on Information Systems and Technology Management (CONTECSI), which featured dozens of workshops and forums. For this edition, a congressional application was created with information about the program and speakers, as well as connectivity with social networks. Simultaneously, there were the 34th World Continuous Auditing and Reporting Systems Symposium (WCARS), the 1st International Conference on Continue lendo
Speakers at the Future of Brazil on table
By Thais ValleyThe Brazil event of the Future, sponsored by the Academic Viscount of Cairo Center - CAVC - between five and eight in May, brought together experts to discuss the current economic situation, the factors that led to it and what can be expected of the measures adopted by the government such as fiscal adjustment. They joined the discussion table the Fernando Monteiro Rugitsky teachers and Simão Davi Silber, FEA, and Octavian Barros, chief economist at Bradesco.Professor Simon Silber Continue lendo
Deans and professors from USP and the Humboldt University in discussion on sustainability in megacities
"The main purpose of science is to cross knowledge," says Dean of Humboldt UniversityThaís do ValeThe deans of USP, Marco Antonio Zago, and Humboldt University of Berlin, Jan-Hendrik Olbertz, and teachers from both universities, participated in a meeting on April 8, the Congregation of the Office of the FEA, to discuss challenges sustainability in megacities. Conferences of the USP program, the event is the result of research forum and discussion, created between the two universities Continue lendo